We sincerely invite you to participate in the workshops organized by the International Conference on Design for Experience and Wellbeing (DEW2019). It is honored to announce that professors Pieter Desmet from Delft University of Technology and Tuuli Mattelmäk from Aalto University will be hosting two workshops on 23rd September this year. Positive Design Workshop with Pieter Desmet will be in the morning and Service Design with an Empathic Touch Workshop with Tuuli Mattelmäk during the afternoon. These two workshops will help us deepen our understanding of emotional design and service design. The participation scale of each workshop will be limited to about 30 people. Participants are requested to register through the conference registration platform.


Workshops Introduction

Workshop 1—— Positive Design (9:00-12:00)


Positive psychologists sometimes advise that not too much ought to be expected from the contributions to subjective well-being made by consumer products: “If you want to increase your happiness, don’t buy new products, change your behaviour.” The Positive Design workshop challenges this view by asking the question: How can design contribute to human flourishing?

To design for happiness can be a grand undertaking. Because… where to start? To support designers and design researchers, we have developed a variety of hands-on tools and techniques. For example, the “Design for Happiness Deck” that breaks down the phenomenon of happiness into  72 components, the “Need Cards” that represent 13 basic psychological needs, and the “Positive Design Reference Guide” that gives an overview  of 29 experience- and wellbeing-related theories.

The workshop setup is based on the Positive Design Framework that was introduced in 2013 by Pieter Desmet and Anna Pohlmeyer. The framework comprises three main ingredients to design for design for people’s well-being, and argues that human flourishing can be achieved through designs  that harmoniously integrate all three. The three ingredients are based on well-established tenets in positive psychology and philosophy: (1) pleasure, (2) personal significance, and (3) virtue. In design, each component can be seen as an ingredient that can contribute to people’s well-being. In his workshop, Pieter Desmet will (a) share the tools that have been developed in the Delft Institute of Positive Design, and (b) do some exercises to explore the application possibilities.


Workshop 2—— Service Design with an Empathic Touch (14:00-17:00)


Service Design with an Empathic Touch. This workshop aims to cover core insights on what service design is by introducing some of its core principles and examples of its applications. In the workshop we will start with a human perspective with the aim to understand the role of empathy when designing for services. During the workshop you will hear a lecture on basics of service design supported with small hands on exercises in teams.

Please choose to attend half day or full day workshop and pay the charges through the participant's personal account. 

Expense: Half day event 600 RMB per person; full day event 1200 RMB per person.

Date: September 23rd, Venue: Northwestern Polytechnical University, Youyi Campus


Important Dates

Deadline for paper submission:
Aug. 10, 2019
Deadline for early registration required for authors to be in proceedings:
Sept. 10, 2019
Workshops in Xi’an:
Sept. 23, 2019
Conference in Xi’an:
Sept. 24-25, 2019


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